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Royal Vegas Online


What's the Theme of Royal Vegas Online?

The theme is Royalty: In Your Castle. We're still suffering the effects of the global pandemic, and for many of us, that means we're confined to our castles with the exception of essential work and errands. How do you make yourself feel Royal? For your fashion walk/coord contest submissions and tea party coords, we encourage you to draw from the themes of royalty and nobility throughout history, and from common motifs we love in Lolita Fashion, like crowns, scepters, jewels, and thrones. Of course, our theme is just a prompt - you are not required to adhere to it at any time.

We will also post inspiring Instagram prompts starting in November. How do you make your castle inviting, cozy, and aesthetic, and what do you wear to make you feel your best? Have you perfected the perfect afternoon tea to eat at home, before, during, or after a virtual tea party? We want to know - and we'll be sharing a random selection of submissions.

How do I sign up?

You can join our Facebook event.

For the Fashion Walk, Coord Contest, Pub Trivia, and Tea Party, you will need to sign up via our intake forms. All forms open October 10 and close November 10, so please mark your calendars now! We will post the forms here and on social media when they are avaiable.

How do I buy a ticket to Royal Vegas Online?

RVO is free to watch and enjoy via Twitch and Discord. However, we will require a small donation to a charity to ensure your spot at the tea party.

How does this affect the in-person Royal Vegas Retreat event?

Tl;dr: it doesn't. We are still hoping to hold our flagship in-person event Royal Vegas Retreat in November 2021.

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