Code of Conduct and Policies

Royal Vegas Retreat and all Pretty Princess Club events strive to create a safe, comfortable environment for fashion enthusiasts to share their love for Lolita Fashion and J-Fashion.

All attendees must be 13 or older to purchase a ticket to Royal Vegas Retreat. Certain VIP events at Royal Vegas Retreat may be limited to attendees 21 and over. Attendees of any age may purchase a VIP ticket with the understanding that they will not be allowed into 21+ events if they are under 21.

For our 2021 event, all attendees MUST be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, where "fully vaccinated" means it has been at least 2 weeks since an attendee's final dose of vaccine. All attendees MUST show proof of vaccination in order to pick up their badge. Anyone caught falsifying their proof of vaccination will be ejected from the event with no refund.

Pretty Princess Club stands in opposition to white supremacy, white nationalism, the alt-right, and fascism. We stand in solidarity with all marginalized fashion fans, especially Black and Indigenous fashion fans and, broadly, all fashion fans of color, and trans, fat and plus-sized, and disabled fashion fans. Fashion is not an escape until it is an escape for everyone, and we will do everything we can in our role as an event provider to improve the Lolita Fashion community.

No attendee may wear a coordinate or piece from any brand or nationality that uses nazi, fascist, or alt-right aesthetics or symbols, defined broadly. This includes coordinates that involve

Attendees wearing such coordinates will be ejected from the event immediately with no refund and banned from future events both in-person and online.

No attendee may wear offensive, racially stereotypical, or culturally appropriative items or styling, including but not limited to:

Attendees dressed in this way will be ejected from the event immediately with no refund.

Pretty Princess Club will not tolerate harassment of any kind at any PPC event, including but not limited to:

Pretty Princess Club will take immediate action against any attendee who harasses another, including expulsion from the event with no refund and banning the harasser from future events. All people present at any PPC event are subject to this policy, including vendors, special guests, staff, and volunteers. We will center the needs of the person being harassed and work to provide space and comfort after removing the harasser from the situation. We will never directly escalate to law enforcement, as this compromises the safety of our guests.

PPC proactively bans known harassers, predators, and bigots from our events. If you are a community moderator in the United States, we invite you to share any ban lists or information you may have to make our events safer. Please email us directly at We will not share anything you tell us with outside parties, unless you give us permission to do so.

PPC understands that certain fashion accessories, such as collar-style necklaces and harnesses, become part of our fashion despite their relationship to kink. While collar-style necklaces and harnesses are permitted to be worn and sold, the following items may NOT be worn or sold at any PPC event:

Attendees will be asked to put these items away if shown, and refusal to do so will be interpreted as harassment.

PPC will record and photograph our events, and any attendee present may have their image used on our website or social media.

PPC is committed to providing an accessible experience at large events by

If you require specific accommodations in order to attend an event, please reach out to us directly at

Social Media Policies

Social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform, that are explicitly for the purposes of fetish play or promoting kink culture, especially DDLG and ABDL, may not follow any Pretty Princess Club social media account. This is for the safety of our followers and to ensure that our accounts don't become desirable targets for fetish mining. Any fetish account that follows us will be blocked. If you happen to notice a fetish account in our followers, please let us know via DM or email us directly at

We ask that, when commenting on our posts on any platform, you engage in good faith at all times. Any comment interpreted as harrassment or trolling may be removed with no explanation, and the account providing the comment may be blocked.