Royal Vegas Retreat
Special Guests

RVR Special Guests

We are so excited to have all of our wonderful special guests at our 2021 event! Scroll to learn more about our confirmed special guests for 2021 (in alphabetical order):


Avina wearing a layered coord with drawings and squiggles around them

Avina has been wearing Japanese street fashion for over fifteen years, starting with decora and moving to lolita and countless other alternative styles. These days, however, they just say they aspire to be a fashion blob and artist while balancing a white-collar career. Avina is proud to have been a part of a number of non-profit and public interest groups, including Kawaii Riot. Their greatest wishes are to fight evil by moonlight, sustainably engage in alternative fashion, and confront discrimination in alternative spaces. Avina has Ko-fi, where they frequently update their free-to-read and sponsor-free alternative fashion blog and run a subscription service for their digital artwork. See it here:!

Fluffy Kawaii Jo

Fluffy Kawaii Jo in front of cherry blossoms

Everybody Can Be Kawaii – No matter what age, gender, color or body type you are, you deserve to feel kawaii as fluff and good about yourself.

Fluffy Kawaii Jo lives in Switzerland and her mission is to help you feel fantastic wearing the stuff that makes you happy. She makes videos about lolita fashion and Kawaii culture in general, from practical lifehacks for people new to the fashion, product reviews, event reports and interviews with people from the scene as well as entertaining and funny videos like her Lolitas vs Normies and Action Lolita series – proving that not just everybody can be kawaii, but you can be kawaii anywhere, doing anything as well.

You can find her at, on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.


Ghost Girl Goods brand owner Alexia with her crew

GHOST GiRL GOODS is a clothing brand that fuses cool hip-hop looks and cute pop style into one. Our goals are to embrace differences and encourage confidence in all hearts! GHOST GiRL uses her love of music, dance, and Japanese street fashion as inspiration while designing each piece. GHOST GiRL GOODS has worked with Sebastian Masuda, creator of 6%DOKIDOKI, on the NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour held in Toronto, August of 2019 and most recently represented Canada at BuriDeco/World Lolita 2020 in Japan, hosted by Triple*Fortune. The GHOST GiRL GOODS team looks forward to meeting you at Royal Vegas Retreat! BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM.

You can find GHOST GiRL GOODS at as well as on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.


Jade looking introspective in a pink wig and rosy top

Jadedisland is a writer from Maryland who works within alternative fashion spaces and creative communities to encourage and uplift personal narratives and creative expression. Jade knows that finding personal acceptance and creative pursuits are fulfilling and necessary for growth. While Jadedisland is best known for her life as a Jfashion enthusiast, pink energy magical girl, and storyteller across social media, she is a vocal advocate and bookworm full-time. Her life as a kawaii Black femme has led to an award-winning web series; Noir 365, the non-profit Kawaii Riot, and the DC Web fest gold award for digital expression and local hero. She studied English literature and psychology at Elmira College but continues her education by experiencing the world and new perspectives.

Her personal work can be found at & on social media @Jadedisland

Learn more about Kawaii Riot – for advocacy and intersectionality in the alternative fashion community.

Kuroshiro Kawaii

Kuroshiro Kawaii logo

Kuroshiro Kawaii is a brand that wants to ensure that the entire community in the Houston, TX area has access to quality Japanese fashion. They pride themselves on having real connections to brand owners and designers, including Japanese, indie, and self-care brands.

Kuroshiro Kawaii is a name with multiple facets. When they were deciding on a name, they wanted one that would reflect the duality of the fashions they offer while at the same time being recognizable and inviting to the typical American in the area.

The “kuro” in their name stands for punk, gothic, and visual fashion; while “shiro” stands for elegant, princely, and sweet lolita and ouji fashions. It also reflects another duality that is important to the attitude of their shop: good and evil, angel and devil, order and chaos. The words “kuro” and “shiro,” and their associated meaning in kanji, really pin down what they wanted for the look and feel of their shop and the brands they want to carry.

“Kawaii” is a word commonly known and familiar to most Americans, and reflects a large portion of the styles they will carry: kawaii and Harajuku styles.

You can buy from Kuroshiro Kawaii on their webshop: You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Lovely Lor (with Holly Flynn)

Holly Flynn and Lovely Lor together

Lovely Lor is a lolita fashion content creator with videos spanning across 10 years on YouTube. She’s an active member of multiple International Lolita Fashion Communities and enjoys documenting different lolita events around the world. Lor has been featured in documentaries about lolita fashion such as Sugar Coated and Weird Threads. She creates videos on her youtube channel specializing in resources for beginners, entertainment for veteran lolitas and documenting the history of the fashion and community.

Follow Lor and Holly's adventures on Youtube, as well as Lor's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as Holly's Instagram and Twitter.


Puvithel wearing her brand

Puvithel is an alternative fashion designer based in Pittsburgh, USA who has been making and designing original handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles since 2015.

Puvithel is about unabashed self-expression and spans many styles, including punk, gothic, lolita, and menhera. Regardless of style, Puvithel's items are loud – inspired by the in-your-face aesthetic of American gothic fashion. Puvithel believes that fashion is a beneficial form of expression, a belief that is imbued in every item she makes. Every series has its own style and narrative to aid you in telling your own story.

You can follow Puvithel on Instagram and Facebook. You can also browse her website at and Etsy.