About Us

Pretty Princess Club is a group of fashion fans from North America who are putting on the next generation of Lolita fashion events. Our mission is to create safe, fun, inclusive, and accessible large-scale in-person and virtual events for the EGL fashion and broader J-fashion community.

Our Values

We center Lolita fashion at our events. We love and honor all styles of Japanese alternative fashion.

Alternative fashion should be an escape for everyone.

Travel and tourism should be affordable.

Venues should be physically accessible.

We say "no" on our attendees' behalf to sex and kink at our events.

You deserve luxury. Our events provide fantasy and splendor balanced with inclusion, affordability, and access for all fashion fans.

Our Staff

Nif at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

Nifty Nif is the founder of this operation. She wears sweet, classic, and sweet-classic and regularly struggles to describe her eclectic wardrobe. She loves traveling for Lolita fashion events and learning more about the international J-fashion scene.

Kim looking elegant outside

Kim is our Head of Registration! In her own words:

Hey everyone I’m Kim, I’m 33 and I’m from the Portland, OR area. I’ve been a lolita for a little over 4 years and my style fluctuates between sweet and classic. I’ve been working in the tech industry for a hot minute as a QA engineer. I love playing board games, dancing, and karaoke. I recently dove into the world of YouTube, so I’ve been loving creating and editing videos for my channel. I’m so excited to help plan a lolita event and am looking forward to meeting so many new faces and seeing some familiar ones in November.

Harley looking sassy by the rainbow sidewalks on Capitol Hill

Harley is our Special Guest Coordinator! She's an events professional from Seattle, and you can find her page on Facebook and watch her videos on YouTube.

Jess looking sweet by a cute door

Jessica works on our Facebook announcements! She is a Sweet Lolita who lives in Canada. She loves to travel, especially for Lolita events, and meet new friends. She works as a Registered Nurse in the NICU and her hobbies include hiking in the Rockies, reading, and playing video games.

Conner in a youthful setting with a brand designer

Conner is our Fashion Show Director! In her own words:

I'm from North Carolina and have been volunteering for conventions for over a decade now! I've been wearing lolita on-and-off for six years but I'm also interested in larme and himekaji. At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical lolita, I also love tea and run a blog called CLTea. When I'm not drinking tea or getting dolled up, I love thrift shopping, video games and snuggling up with my beautiful girlfriend and cat.

Allie hanging upside-down from aerial silks

Allie is our head of Vending at Royal Vegas Retreat! In her own words:

I'm Allie! I am on the vendor relations team for Royal Vegas Retreat. I am based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Back home on the east coast I am also the convention chair for Queen City Anime Convention. I am passionate about event planning, community service, and circus arts!

Ruthie looking classic next to a blue wall, with added detail shots

Ruthie runs our swap meet and other content surprises at Royal Vegas Retreat! In their own words:

Hailing from LA, screenwriter, queer author, and actor Ruthie is a lolita that wears many, many bonnets. Their YouTube, the_bard_in_bows, focuses on plus size inclusiveness and comedy. She also is an admin for the small comm, the BGP Collective, which is still in its baby years. When she has free time (if any), Ruthie enjoys Animal Crossing, horror movies, and dressing like a sentient love seat at your grandmother's house.

Ryan looking dandy at Paradiso

Ryan is Nif's loving husband, and our transportation, logistics, and advanced arts and crafts coordinator. He may have taken your photo at one of our small events or at a convention. When he's not catering to his wife's extravagant whims, he loves playing pinball, gold panning, playing guitar and recording music, skateboarding, and restoring his vintage truck.

Tiffany is our Art Lead and tackles our branding, merchandising, and all our convention's visual needs!

Joan is our social media lead for People Announcements!

We are proud to partner with JFashion on Demand and Rosé Forêt for support in the following domains:

Meela is our official photographer for RVR 2021.

Kjrsten Kay originally designed and drew logos and design elements.

Monique built our website.